Phil 11.11.2022

GPT Agents

  • I’ve found the terms I want, which are the top 10 keywords from my set. I really want to pull 1k/day for 3 years which would be 3,650,000 tweets. I should be able to do a clamped balanced pull that will give me two samples of 500 (or maybe 3 samples of 500 depending on the rounding) per day. Going to start with one keyword at a time so I can time things. It will also produce unique experiment table entries, which is probably fine
  • Send note back to the First Line
  • Started a balanced pull at 8:45am, finished at 10:45, so 2 hours for 500k tweets. Not bad!
    • Second pull at 10:48. Third Pull at 1:30 – it seems to be running slower? 4th pull at 4:00. 5th pull at 5:45


  • Download and backup current project – done!
  • Set up Elsevier template in Overleaf – done!
  • Move material over
  • Create new DARPA map for balloon challenge
  • Send Brenda her $$ and a link to the GPT3


  • Finish reading China paper – done!