Phil 11.8.2022

Election day! Absolutely no idea how any of this is likely to play out

Also, create a Mastodon account? I probably have enough info at this point. Applied at – done and set up! I have even tooted


  • 9:00 planning meeting
  • 10:00 MC meeting?
  • Paper
    • Finish populating annotated bibliography
    • Add category and “LMN ranking” to spreadsheet
    • Read top 3(?) papers for each
    • Search all papers for Hi/otL statements and add those quotes to the spreadsheets.
    • Tempted to do some embedding clustering, but that’s overkill
  • Add a task to Rukan to check out MinGPT as possible NN for out modules? Done


  • Roll in changes

GPT Agents

  • More documentation – finished TweetEmbedExplorer
  • Start Twitter pull?