Phil 11.2.2022

I think the quality of Twitter is dropping


  • One of the things to add as suggestions is a model-training facility with dedicated staff. The facility exists to train up to very large models that are resilient to attack (think of a GPT-3 ensemble), and staffed with people who study how models fail. The facility also trains faulty models (mode collapse, overfitting, etc) that can be invisibly swapped in for verified (whatever that means) models so that AI pilots can learn to recognize degraded model behavior. Lots of simulators that allow users to be trained in high-stress situations to adapt to failing models.
  • Since the facility trains many models, it will be possible to train meta models that can understand which hyperparameters and data sets produce effective models, and how to degrade them. This will be extremely valuable as AI/ML continue to move into more roles that were previously occupied by highly trained and/or experienced people.
  • Find chess paper that shows AI/human tams out-perform AI-only


GPT Agents

  • More documentation
  • Need to figure out some keywords for watching Twitter pre/post Musk
  • 4:00 Meeting