Phil 10.6.2022

BSO! Done

GPT Agents

  • Got the user downloading working. Smooth, with no surprises!
  • Write a class for creating corpora. It will take the settings from the UI and generate files with the appropriate wrapping
  • New view that includes cluster exclusion True/False
  • Dig up the code that produces percentage meta info


  • Asked Loren and Rukan to keep their parts of the Overleaf up to date
  • 9:15 standup
  • Port Panda3d visualizer. Mostly done, but I’m having problems with objects being multiply defined. Turns out the setup() method was being called twice – Once when the class was instanced, once when the visualizer called setup() directly. Fixed.
  • Start outlining update of AI & Weapons paper – nope
  • Continue with Docker/Kafka tutorial – nope


  • 4:00 Meeting with Brenda – good progress