Phil 9.20.2022

Got pinged by Twitter about my work, which is nice

Need to try the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter on my busted laptop as per here.


  • Good talk with Brenda. Need to roll in the changes – rolling
  • Probably need to add this to the diversity injection section as an example of personal-level, not technological level approaches to misinformation: Interventions to reduce partisan animosity
    • Rising partisan animosity is associated with a reduction in support for democracy and an increase in support for political violence. Here we provide a multi-level review of interventions designed to reduce partisan animosity, which we define as negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards a political outgroup. We introduce the TRI framework to capture three levels of intervention—thoughts (correcting misconceptions and highlighting commonalities), relationships (building dialogue skills and fostering positive contact) and institutions (changing public discourse and transforming political structures)—and connect these levels by highlighting the importance of motivation and mobilization. Our review encompasses both interventions conducted as part of academic research projects and real-world interventions led by practitioners in non-profit organizations. We also explore the challenges of durability and scalability, examine self-fulfilling polarization and interventions that backfire, and discuss future directions for reducing partisan animosity.


  • Finish MORS slides. Need a fortification map bridge, and then back to the main deck. Done!
  • Started to add the 3d visualization. Panda3d is in and loading the hierarchy. Need to put in the trivial top level that moves an object with the data dictionary

GPT Agents

  • Pinged Shimei and got a response. Restart meetings next Wednesday after the conference?