Phil 8.8.2022



  • Need to start the MORS slide deck
  • Need to start demo slides
  • 9:15 Standup
  • Sent a note to Erika Mackin – done
  • Tweaked MapDisplay1 so that it works again. Need to port it to the laptop
  • Looks like the presentation is next Friday at 1:00

GPT Agents

  • Got a good run of threads, but I need to verify a few things:
    • There is an imbalance. Is this because the run ended improperly? Looks like it all checks out. There are simply more threads with “ivermectin” based on the sample
    • The view is broken for threads. Need to fix or make a new one. Looks like the experiment_id is being set to -1. Fixed. I wasn’t passing in the value to run_thread_query()
    • Back up the DB – done
    • Specify the current experiment somewhere, and indicate if there are threads (in label) – done
  • Continue with EmbeddingExplorer
Imbalanced threads because peple like to talk about ivermectin