Phil 8.31.2023

A house made of bones in the middle of a desert

Heavenbanning is real in the world: We flooded our dating app with bots…to scam scammers

DALL·E Editor Guide

  • The DALL·E editor interface helps you edit images through inpainting and outpainting, giving you more control over your creative vision.


  • I finished the new proposal last night, so now I need to sent it off today – DONE!!!
  • Working on appt with Brenda


  • Tweak Ron’s stuff and add an intro
  • Tweak Rukan’s stuff and add an intro for interpolation and regression sections. Include an intro to Perceptrons and then Attention-MLPs.
  • Start the final pass through the doc

GPT Agents

  • Move “selected experiment” and “keyword” out of the tabs
  • Add a “Create Corpora” tab
  • General TODOs:
    • Implement threads, and make sure that the extended queries work
    • Implement calls to GPT embeddings and verify on small dataset. I could even try Aaron’s Wikipedia cats vs computers idea but use tweets
    • Need to treat AND like OR so that tweets containing multiple keywords work