Phil 8.26.29

Umberto Eco: A Practical List for Identifying Fascists

Multi Dimensional and Domain Operations (MDDO)

  • Cebrowski referred to the traditional concept of combat power being measured in the movement of traditional physical forces through time and space in a physical domain.  But to do this, military forces need information and control from the information domain.  Winning a conflict happens in the intangible cognitive domain is in the mind of the individual war-fighter with feelings of success or failure.  Collectively these individual minds make up the social domain, the shared societal awareness and understandings referred to in culture, values, attitudes and beliefs.


  • Need to either pick up docs or get them printed – getting them printed
  • Quarterly report – Adjusting slots for Rukan’s work. Ron looks like he’s doing better


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GPT Agents

  • Top2Vec is hanging on the import! Going to try it on another box and see if that will still happen. If it does, then I’m going to use OpenAI’s embeddings until it’s fixed
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