Phil 8.11.2022

We asked some of the philosophers we respect most who have interests in these areas to help us make progress on them. We leaned especially on the early career researchers who are doing much of the running on this topic (Canadian Journal of Philosophy).


  • More writing
  • Work on RCSNN
    • Need to start testing that it draws and runs correctly
    • Had a few bugs to fix but it’s working!
  • Submit an abstract by 19 August for the opportunity to participate in MORS’ one-of-a-kind event held at the new IDA Center from 27-29 September! With high-level speakers including Dr. Baruch Fischhoff, Dr. Kristen Kulinowsk, Dr. Michael Ford and Dr. Ryan Barrett, the Emerging Techniques Forum (EFT) is one you will not want to miss this year. All abstracts must be submitted in an unclassified format and 1,500 (including spaces) or less characters without images or videos. If you are submitting an abstract for the classified session, indicate the classification level at the time of submission.

GPT Agents

  • Test and validate balanced pull
  • Run balanced and proportional 10,000 tweet pulls for ivermectin and plaxovid
  • Try running Top2Vec on tweets to see what the topic spaces look like
  • Try to get some threads in those two spaces and use those to show trajectories through topics
  • If there are enough intersecting trajectories, then create narrative embedding space
  • Had a good talk with Aaron yesterday about his discord group and how that could be a nice source of maps.


  • Submitted to U Illinois Press