Phil 8.8.2022

For those of you keeping track of such things, I’m still testing positive. And I largely feel fine, with what may(?) be the odd relapse? I had what felt like a cold that came on Thursday of last week and went through Friday and a bit of Saturday. No fever, though my blood pressure is up a bit and my temperature is reliably up a fraction of a degree from where it normally is – like 97.4F vs. 96.9F. I’ll be curious if things go back to their previous levels after I start testing negative.


  • Start on the remaining proposals
    • Sent a letter to University of California Press
  • Sent Gaia Vince a note over the weekend

GPT Agents

  • Get balanced working with clamping. Got most of the code working in a scratch. Need to migrate to the main branch


  • Sent Dr. J a note on Friday. No response yet
  • Work on the report and start to frame up the slide deck
  • I realize that I can change the module creation to produce multiple instances of the same child class in the generated bdmon code. It should be a minor change. Need to do that and verify that everything still works with the UI