Phil 7.6.2022

Christian Nationalists and the Holy Gun Crusade

  • the use of Biblical passages to sell firearms with an explicitly Christian context, is widespread in the United States. And this shouldn’t be surprising—as Brad Stoddard writes here on RD, “AR-15s are also increasingly the firearm of choice for Christian gun owners who arm themselves—in their minds, at least—in defense against both tyranny and evil.” And from there, that love of the AR-15 goes all kinds of places.


  • Select menu options, check in, etc
  • Water timer – done
  • Pack!


  • Stories (Set up meeting with Bob for ATO info, layout supervised SCII) – done
  • Meeting with Bob?


  • Start list of targets
  • Start letter
  • Update repo
  • Add Transcendence, The Human Network, and Ways of Being to the comparables section. Maybe write a new version

GPT Agents

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  • Common parts (config file, environment variables, link to XAMPP)
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