Phil 6.9.2022

Call about bike! Does it pass inspection? Nope. Selling it to Bobs for very little


  • Finished up the last edits and tweaks for this version and sent out some copies to readers.
  • I need to look at what is needed to submit to Cambridge and Stripe. Might as well try Oxford again. I will need to update the proposal


  • More FMDS

GPT Agents

  • While waiting for Aaron, start getting the pulls working.
    • If NOT randomized, then pull the tweets in sequential order. I think that this can use the query token and just stop when the end is reached.
    • If it is randomized, then randomly select within the span and then pull in sequential order.
    • Make sure that the beginning of the NEXT sequence does not re-use rollover tweets from the previous sequence. If it does, then throw a warning and use the timestamp of the last tweet in the previous pull.
  • Set up the schema and tables. We can start with tweet_table, and add a user table later