Phil 5.26.2022

Exposing the fetish of right-wing politics and how liberals can fight back

  • Liberals should pay less attention to what right-wingers say and more attention to what they mean. Liberals should presume the principle there is the one that isn’t there. And they should spell it out for normal people in order to ask if this is the kind of country they want to live in.
  • This article is right in line with my thinking on dominance displays


  • Standup
  • Meeting with Rukan. Went over the design of the config mgr and set up for adding autoencoding sections to the quarterly report
  • Refactored the quarterly report to match previous submissions
  • Sent email to Dr. J to see if he’d like a presentation as well
  • JSC meeting with Aaron this afternoon


  • Finished section 1! Need to send it out to some folks