Phil 4.27.2022

Get new UMBC ID! It’s ready!


  • 9:00 LM meeting
  • 1:00 DSCC Kickoff
  • Start on RCSNN story for this sprint
  • Some cool GPT debugging(?):

Antigenic cartography has its roots in a mathematical technique called “multidimensional scaling,” which has been around since the 1960s. The algorithm uses data about the distances between pairs of objects to reconstruct a map of the objects’ relative locations. For example, if you had a table that lists the distances between a bunch of U.S. cities—like you might find in a road atlas—you could use a multidimensional scaling algorithm to reconstruct a map of those cities based solely on the distances between them. (IEEE Spectrum – The Algorithm that Mapped Omicron Shows a Path Forward)


  • Read the epilogue to Aaron last night and made some tweaks. I need to work on the suggestions
  • Got a firm “no” and no leads from Kendall Hunt. Sigh

GPT Agents

  • Need to do informed consent, recruiting flyers and emails