Phil 4.21.2022


  • Finished first pass at GPT-3 interview
  • Work on Epilogue. Done? At least the first pass
  • Start hunting down TODO’s


  • 9:15 Standup
  • Write up the current RCSNN results and create slides for tomorrow’s presentation with Rukan
  • I think that the error calculation should be a statistical measure of the divergence over a given window, which could include the entire prediction, but would otherwise be a tail of n
    • The average error
    • The variance (std dev, etc)
    • Outliers (e.g. rare, BIG errors)
    • Linear regression calc for error and variance
  • The reason that I think that this matters is that a prediction could have occasional large errors but otherwise be good, and we need a way to know that and characterize our results

GPT Agents

  • Getting back up to speed on Jarod’s work, which looks amazing.
  • Need to find some synonyms for slur