Phil 4.13.2022


  • Moved some text around to the beginning GPT interview and took it out of the influence/dominance/attention section. I had to rework that a bit to include egalitarianism and inverse dominance
  • Trying to figure out how to finish up the deep bias chapter. I’d like to do something that shows how these patterns play out in modern politics. Maybe the difference between suppression and cancelling
  • 1:00 Meeting! It went well, I think. KH is a textbook company, so it’s probably not a good fit but 1) I found a way to talk to publishers! and 2) They will take a look at the proposal and make suggestions (maybe?)


  • 8:30 IRAD meeting
  • 10:00 LM Catching up
  • 11:00 Goals
  • Finish goals (add measures)
  • Write abstract – done
  • Write one-pager for Dave M. – done
  • Work on code generator – nope