Phil 4.11.2022

I had an interesting dream last night. Someone had invented a type of hybrid self driving car. It used a joystick, that could be set for left or right handed people. In manual mode, it worked like a regular joystick – forward accelerates, left and right steer, backwards brakes or reverses. In “self driving” mode, the joystick had nine detents. Pushing it into the fwd detent would autodrive in a lane. Nudging left or right would set up lane changes.

In city driving, putting it in the side detents would set up signaling and sensors for a turn. Going forward into one of the corners would initiate the turn. Parking was initiated by pulling up next to a space and then using the rear corner detent. It was a pretty cool system. I think in the dream the system was prototyped by the child of Mexican field workers who prototyped it on their parent’s pickup truck.


  • Call Aluminess – done! Ships by the end of the week?
  • Ping Wes – done
  • Groceries – done
  • Gas – done


  • Sprint demos – done
  • MDA Meeting – done. Need to write up
  • Ping Don about DARPA – Done
  • Start on slide for Wednesday – Finished


  • I have a meeting with an acquisitions editor!