Phil 4.1.2022


  • Moved interview with a biased machine to the front of the book since it could be a nice attention grabber
  • Started on the Egalitarianism section
  • Added some stuff to the technology section – Paleolithic and Early modern Human technologies. I’ll probably move the Paleolithic tech to the Egalitarianism section since it explains a lot about that behavior and the amount of evolutionary adaptation that took place around it. We do not look like the other great apes. This is why.


  • Good chat with Steve. Suggested how to create and visualize multiple attribute maps to see how the loss function is working
  • Worked out next steps with Rukan:
    • try predicting more than one point
    • try sine wave
    • loss function over 256 collecting loss, but maybe try 16 or some smaller number first
    • try to train for better convergence to see if it fixes the indexing issue
    • fix the indexing issue
    • try pytorch hyperparameter optimizer, probably just LR
  • And I’m generating good RCS code!
    def init_task(self):
        CMD_ship_controller_to_navigate_controller = self.ddict.get_entry('CMD_ship_controller_to_navigate_controller').data
        RSP_navigate_controller_to_ship_controller = self.ddict.get_entry('RSP_navigate_controller_to_ship_controller').data
        CMD_ship_controller_to_missile_controller = self.ddict.get_entry('CMD_ship_controller_to_missile_controller').data
        RSP_missile_controller_to_ship_controller = self.ddict.get_entry('RSP_missile_controller_to_ship_controller').data
        if self.cur_state == States.NEW_COMMAND:
            print("ship_controller:INIT NEW_COMMAND ")
            self.cur_state = States.S0
            self.rsp.set(Responses.EXECUTING, self.cmd.serial)
            CMD_ship_controller_to_navigate_controller.set(Commands.INIT, CMD_ship_controller_to_navigate_controller.next_serial()+1)
        elif self.cur_state == States.S0 and RSP_navigate_controller_to_ship_controller.test(Responses.DONE):
            self.cur_state = States.S1
            CMD_ship_controller_to_missile_controller.set(Commands.INIT, CMD_ship_controller_to_missile_controller.next_serial()+1)
        elif self.cur_state == States.S1 and RSP_missile_controller_to_ship_controller.test(Responses.DONE):
            self.cur_state = States.S2
        elif self.cur_state == States.S2:
            self.cur_state = States.S3