Phil 3.25.2022

Can Instagram ads fight disinformation about climate and COVID vaccines?

  • In brief: Reality Team runs ads on Instagram designed to limit the influence of disinformation. We developed a method to run randomized control trials to test the impact on knowledge and opinions about climate and covid vaccines. We saw very significant increases in knowledge 24–72 hours post exposure to a single viewing of a 10 second video ad, and shifts in opinions 7–18 days later within a specific audience of Passive Information Consumers.


  • Writing a bit more on Age Dominance
  • While reading Hierarchy in the Forest, I realized that Egalitarianism in bands is probably a form of Nash Equilibrium. Which is wild, since my coevolution of weapons and agression turned out to be the iterated prisoner’s dilemma.


  • More DARPA abstract. Check to see if the LAIC Phase II proposal has any good text