Phil 1.25.2022

The First Workshop on Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants

  • We invite submissions from the NLP and HCI communities as well as industry practitioners and professional writers on the topic of intelligent writing assistants: those that discuss innovations in building, improving, and evaluating intelligent and interactive writing assistants.
  • Specific topics include, but not limited to:
    • Combining NLP techniques (e.g. style transfer, text planning, controllability) with interaction paradigms between users and writing assistants (e.g. interfaces, iterative processes, feedback), such as a formality style transfer system for revising professional communications
    • Assistance on different stages of the writing process (e.g. planning, revising), different types of writing (e.g. expository, persuasive), and different applications (e.g. journalism, fiction)
    • Evaluation methodologies for writing assistants, writing process, and resultant text
    • Addressing underrepresentation of languages, types of writers (e.g. vernacular variations), and writing tasks for targeted writing assistance (note that for non-English systems, we request that the figures and examples be translated into English prior to review)
    • Writing assistant ownership issues, including legal issues with copyright and psychological sense of ownership
    • Practical challenges for building real-world systems such as Grammarly and WordTune (e.g. latency, near-perfect quality, personalization, and evolution of language)
    • User studies or ethnographic studies of writers who use writing assistants
    • Demonstration of simple prototypes of intelligent interfaces or design sketches


  • Rewriting the first chapter around the concept that “belief is a place”


  • 9:15 Stand up
  • Helped Aaron set up his DB, more today
  • Meeting with Rukan
  • Do RoE map. Add nodes
    • The Enemy (“The enemy is”)
    • Fire Back (“If someone shoots at you”)
    • Masculine (“Be tough”)
    • Lawless (“Whatever it takes”)
    • Self Protect (“First, defend yourself”)
    • Kill the Enemy (“Don’t be complicated”)
    • Tactics (“Have a plan and execute it”)
    • Proportional (“Don’t escalate”)
    • Responsible (“Do the right thing”)
    • Independence (“Don’t just follow orders”)
    • Civilians (“What to do with non-combatants”)
    • Careful (“Don’t get into trouble”)
    • Our Guys (“We come first”)
    • Hold Fire (“Do not fire unless absolutely necessary”)
    • Ethical (“What is the right thing to do?”)
    • Duty (“What must we do?”)
    • Fire First (“Shoot first, dammit”)
  • Pretty happy with this:

GPT Agents

  • 3:30 Meeting