Phil 1.10.2022


  • Write up the points from the discussion with Aaron last Friday. I think it will make a much better direction than trying to figure out how to automate the current manual approach
  • Continue code cleanup. There is still something that makes the radius of a MoveableNode grow wrong when the item count is incremented (maybe fixed? Line 34 of in MapData.Maptopic.adjust_force_node())

GPT Agents

  • Start writing the paper and see what shakes out
  • Ask to reschedule Tuesday’s meeting – done


  • I got a visualization that I like. Now I need to rewrite the chapter a bit around it. I think just the main visualization should be ok, with maybe different perspectives?
The new conspiracy map
  • Maybe also generate a “philosophy” terrain? I’d need to have some code to handle a rollover for the z value