Phil 12/22/21

Call outlaw

Check into agent Jim Levine: He represents these guys

GPT Agents

  • Realized this morning that there is another way of doing prompts now that I have the tool running. Something like “Once you accept the idea that {}, the next likely step is”. After playing around a bit, I got this prompts working: once we accept the “conspiracy theory” that “the moon landing was faked”, then next theory we deed to verify is that “the moon” is actually just a big-ass TV, and the moon-landing was just an elaborate hoax. This looks like a promising direction!


  • Finish paper and get off to MARCOM for checking – done
  • Got the template paper running it its own folder – done


  • Read Tamahau’s paper before meeting – no meeting, but done anyway

GPT Agents

  • There was a meeting! Next task is to put together the outline for the two papers and distribute the link