Phil 10.13.2021



  • Create stories for 1) DB buildout 2) Model save/load 3) GML generation
  • 9:30 sprint planning
  • Creating tables and getting Graph read/write to the DB

GPT Agents

  • Rebuilt the code that takes into account the LIWC2015 components and how they relate/rollup. And I found one real difference between the ground truth and the gpt:
LIWC 2015 “Informal” word counts out of 500k words
  • 4:15 Meeting. Going to make a spreadsheet of the untrained GPT yelp, and be done with data. When that gets back, re-run the spreadsheets, and also add a version of the z-test code that produces rollups with the original LIWC data.


  • 6:00 Meeting