Phil 9.10.2021

Finish reviews! DONE!

Papers with Code Newsletter #16

  • Welcome to the 16th issue of the Papers with Code newsletter. In this edition, we cover:
    • some of the latest developments in language modeling,
    • efficient Transformer models for long text modeling,
    • advancements in code understanding and generation,
    • top trending ML papers of August 2021,


  • Created a table of filtered results (%coronavirus%, %chinavirus%, and %sars-cov-2%) with 1,000 of each and ran sentiment to compare
  • Well crap, the carriage returns in the ground truth are messing everything up. Need to write come code to pull, fix and put back into the table. Not today!


  • Write new stories
  • Continue working on storing additional information in networkx nodes


  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle. Finish cover letters! Done! Maybe? Tweaked a bit more