Phil 8.31.21

So we’re officially done in Afghanistan now? One of these years, I’m going to try to figure out what the response to 9/11 cost, what the expectations were, and what actually happened


  • Working with Zach on the webapp. We may be able to do all this with websockets and no server
  • Sprint planning – done
  • Starting on websockets. Installed websockets. I installed asyncio, but it’s part of Python. That’s nice! Uninstalled and everything still works
  • The hello world works!
  • Took a detour down SSL and got stuck on cert format issues? Look at that later
  • Sending data to the browser:

That works too!


  • Still cranking on generating reviews with the untrained model
  • 3:00 Meeting. Made a bet with Shimei that the 800k chess model has forgotten that the Queen could drink tea. We’ll see if we can prompt the model to talk about something other than chess next week