Phil 8.26.21


GPT Agents

  • Brought all the model outputs from LIWC (manual here) and put them into a single spreadsheet. All the models are surprisingly stable, except for word count (WC):
Largest variation from max to min
  • Here are some values beyond WC:
    • Analytical thinking — a high number reflects formal, logical, and hierarchical thinking; lower numbers reflect more informal, personal, here-and-now, and narrative thinking
    • Clout — a high number suggests that the author is speaking from the perspective of high expertise and is confident; low Clout numbers suggest a more tentative, humble, even anxious style.
    • Authentic — higher numbers are associated with a more honest, personal, and disclosing text; lower numbers suggest a more guarded, distanced form of discourse.
    • Emotional tone — a high number is associated with a more positive, upbeat style; a low number reveals greater anxiety, sadness, or hostility. A number around 50 suggests either a lack of emotionality or different levels of ambivalence