Phil 7.18.21

Ping Andreea that I can’t make tomorrow’s meeting

A real-world example of stampede vs. flock behavior?

There is also a more detailed exploration here. What I think is really important here is the idea that populations that would not normally be included in a stampede can be “pulled along” by the structure of the surrounding belief environment.

… the lower-left quadrant (counties which are deep blue politically but also have a low vaccination rate), since that would seem, on the surface, to go completely against my “Red/Blue = Vaccination Status” theme. What’s going on there? Shouldn’t these deep-blue counties have higher-than-average vaccination rates? … 62 of them are more than 40% Black (in fact, 55 of those are majority Black counties). Of the remaining 13 counties, 7 are majority Native American (over 80% of the population, in fact), while 1 in Texas (Zavala County) is “91.22% Hispanic or Latino of any race” according to Wikipedia.


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