Phil 6.29.21

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Stewardship of Ourselves

  • The first (and perhaps foremost) of my concerns is the impact that the perturbation of our social dynamics may have on our collective cognitive abilities. In Cognitive Democracy, Henry Farrell and Cosma Shalizi make the (credible) case that democracy is intrinsically better at solving complex problems (of the kind that have rugged solution landscapes) than markets or hierarchies/bureaucracies.
  • I am far more concerned with how uniform these algorithms are across huge populations. The underlying insight that explains why diverse groups are better at complex problems is that a diverse set of intellectual tools and viewpoints will be better at finding solutions on a rugged landscape. In mediating so much of humankind’s discovery through the tiny funnel of a handful of systems, we are creating an unprecedented impoverishment of our intellectual toolbox. I am far less concerned about filter bubbles than I am about turning a complex, likely scale-free network of discovery into a fully-mediated hub-and-spokes structure in which everything flows through a system of very limited variety.


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