Phil 6.22.21

Back from a long weekend off with some interesting adventures. And I managed to break the RV again. Need to contact Jim Donnie’s today and get something scheduled. Done! Drop off tomorrow.

Kats is a toolkit to analyze time series data, a lightweight, easy-to-use, and generalizable framework to perform time series analysis. Time series analysis is an essential component of Data Science and Engineering work at industry, from understanding the key statistics and characteristics, detecting regressions and anomalies, to forecasting future trends. Kats aims to provide the one-stop shop for time series analysis, including detection, forecasting, feature extraction/embedding, multivariate analysis, etc. Kats is released by Facebook’s Infrastructure Data Science team. It is available for download on PyPI.

CutPaste: Self-Supervised Learning for Anomaly Detection and Localization

  • We aim at constructing a high performance model for defect detection that detects unknown anomalous patterns of an image without anomalous data. To this end, we propose a two-stage framework for building anomaly detectors using normal training data only. We first learn self-supervised deep representations and then build a generative one-class classifier on learned representations. We learn representations by classifying normal data from the CutPaste, a simple data augmentation strategy that cuts an image patch and pastes at a random location of a large image. Our empirical study on MVTec anomaly detection dataset demonstrates the proposed algorithm is general to be able to detect various types of real-world defects. We bring the improvement upon previous arts by 3.1 AUCs when learning representations from scratch. By transfer learning on pretrained representations on ImageNet, we achieve a new state-of-theart 96.6 AUC. Lastly, we extend the framework to learn and extract representations from patches to allow localizing defective areas without annotations during training.


Andrej Karpathy (Tesla): CVPR 2021 Workshop on Autonomous Vehicles


  • Starting to really dig into the phase 1 final report. Trying to make it useful as a source for a conference paper


  • Continue on the Diana section. Done?

GPT-2 Agents

  • The re-indexing is done! Need to change the primary key to row_id and generate some text
  • 3:00 Meeting