Phil 6.16.21

The BBC did a show on using outside technology rather than HR as a way of tracking harassments. The idea seems to be that you can report an incident, and if the app detects enough activity around one person (which can be anonymously reported), then the company can be contacted. This sounds a lot like a model for trustworthy anonymous citizen journalism. Need to look into it some more.

Also, I realize that this is in some ways coordination without (explicit) communication. It could also be a framework for a more updated form of collective action such as unions. The issue to solve with that would be the ability to negotiate with the union as a whole, rather than an individual negotiator.

3pm – 3:40pm meeting with Upendra


  • 7:00 Waikato meeting


  • Abstract for 007 – done
  • Abstract for 008 – done
  • Cyber training – done. Painful!