Phil 6.7.21

Retractable Pergola Covers & Awnings

  • Unlike drop awnings, the Verona is a traditional horizontal awning or angled awning that provides excellent shade coverage. The Verona is designed to be installed on top of a pergola or trellis providing a natural and effective means for light and temperature control while still allowing open air spaces. The Verona can also be installed over traditional construction such as conservatories, glass ceilings, atriums, solariums and skylights to control interior light, ultraviolet rays, glare, and heat. The box awning frame of the Verona uses compact mounting hardware that make it simple to install over almost any kind of frame.

SocialSens 2021

  • Keynote: Cecile Paris, CSIRO, Australia, “Mapping Emotions on Social Media”
  • 10:45 session
  • Done with my presentation! This person looks interesting: Adriana Iamnitchi
    • My research is rooted in distributed systems, with emphasis on characterizing cyber-social systems and designing, implementing and experimenting with algorithms, services and applications for large-scale networked-systems. In a typical project cycle, in our group we quantitatively characterize socio-technical phenomena at scale, model them, apply new understandings to the design of distributed systems, and experimentally measure the performance differences. In the process we often rely on, and contribute to, research from other fields. Recently we have used research from sociology, psychology and political science to build better understandings of quantitative observations or to inform my design and experiments. While my recent work is related mainly to online social interactions and big data processing, the same research practice (of quantitatively evaluating socio-technical environments and then applying observations to the design of distributed systems or services) defines my early work in scientific grids and peer-to-peer systems. For more details, please refer to my research statement.
  • Had to bail to frantically assemble 3 near-useless quad charts by 4:00


  • Had to assemble 3 near useless quad charts by COB because someone realized that LM needed them today. First time I seriously thought about quitting this company