Phil 5.13.21

Normally, I’d be doing my plots of COVID deaths for the month of April, but the disease is now working its way through countries that are not accurately reporting counts. I heard today on the BBC that India’s counts could be 2-8 times higher than reported.

GPT Agents

  • Good Gephi filters tutorial
  • After making a bunch of maps yesterday, and in particular, struggling with the conspiracy theory map that has no useful Wikipedia ground truth to eliminate cruft, I realize I’m going to have to build a more interactive tool. It should be useful for other things, like Antonio’s concept mapper. It can also support multiple prompts, like
    • “A short list of {}”
    • “A short list of {} that are similar to {}”
    • “A short list of the elements that make up {}”
  • The human chooses the nodes that make sense, and intermediate networks are drawn at each pass through the results. The exit is manual, and writing out a gml file can happen at any time
  • Going to try Plotly for this. If I can make dynamic lists of checkboxes, then I should be ok, otherwise TKinter
    • Making progress with Plotly!
Dynamically adding checkboxes!
  • Got everything working! Going to make it a class now
  • 5:00 Meeting


  • 9:15 Standup
  • Meet with Rukan after to see how things are going
  • Create final report template with material from previous reports
  • Set up meeting with Clay to discuss commercialization strategy