Phil 4.27.21

GPT Agents

  • Did a little housecleaning since I’m going to have to work on the status report for the rest of the week. I’ve moved the experiment-specific code into its own method and added a “node_type”
  • Updated the ICWSM paper to include the NSF grant info
  • 3:00 Meeting
    • Spent a lot of time working on probes for belief systems such as white supremacy. It’s much more complex than countries. The parser needs(?) to be able to:
      • Split on \n as well as [,:;]
      • Ignore leading numbers
      • Match on earlier sections of each text (maybe just cut everything else after n words?)
      • Do a more forgiving match on the wikipedia. For example, the probe: “The great religions are all characterized by” returns a list that contains “Belief in a Messiah or a prophet.” Sending that to the wikipedia returns [‘Messiah’, ‘Messiah in Judaism’, “Judaism’s view of Jesus”, ‘Prophets and messengers in Islam’, ‘Jesus in Islam’, ‘False prophet’, ‘Last prophet’, ‘Prophet’, ‘Al-Masih ad-Dajjal’, ‘Messianism’], while splitting off the first two words (which are common across all results) to create “a Messiah or a prophet.” returns [‘Messiah’, ‘Messiah Prophet’, ‘False prophet’, ‘List of Jewish messiah claimants’, ‘Messiah in Judaism’, “Judaism’s view of Jesus”, ‘Last prophet’, ‘Jesus in Islam’, ‘Al-Masih ad-Dajjal’, ‘Messiah Part I’]


  • 9:15 Sprint planning
  • Read the docs that Clay wants me to check out
  • Work on status report
    • Redid the summary as a list of accomplishments that I now need to flesh out
    • Added all the images to the figures directory


  • Records Management Training