Phil 4.13.21

GPT Agents

  • Working on paper – barring the lit review, I’m at a first draft, I think
    • Still need to do the abstract! Done!
  • 3:00 Meeting today
    • Banged away on a lot of issues. I need to put together a lit review by tomorrow COB. The due date is the 19th, though!
  • I have a crazy idea for prompt generation. I think I’m going to train a model on text with the word order reversed. Then an ‘answer’ fed in to the reversed system should generate a set of prompts that should have a high chance of generating that answer, once re-reversed.
  • Fixed all the weird parsing issues for POS strings


  • Need to set up meeting for April 30th or May 7th at 1:15 pm PT (4:15 pm ET)


  • 9:15 Sprint scheduling