Phil 3.25.21

Call from Tim after 3:30?

GPT Agents

  • Got some very polarized reviews back from the IJCAI. Need to look for any factual errors
  • Getting some really nice results from Sim’s table idea. I’ve run terms and noun tables, and now I’m also extracting all tweets for context
Clearly three populations here
  • I have 16 hours to charge to the paper. Moving my content to Overleaf
  • Correlate by experiment (model) rows are probes (explicit probe list), columns are words (explicit token list)
  • 4:30 Meeting with Sim. Changing heatmaps to columns, and doing table compares across models


  • 9:30 – 11:00 More work with Rukan
  • 1:00 Standup


  • 2:00 meeting. Presentation. Went ok
  • 3:00 AI/ML group. Presentation of the same material. Much better reception