Phil 3.23.21

Podcast Trailer: Too Lazy to Read the Paper

  • The setup is a video call where the author explains a paper to me. We can use screen-sharing, for figures, etc. We’ll record the call and post to YouTube. Possible participants are authors of a paper in network science or data science.


  • Ranking is still running. I really should have checked the amount of data I was generating, but now I have sunk costs!
  • 3:00 Meeting today. I’d like to add something about qualitative research to the discussion section
    • Create a new set of spreadsheets where all models are compared. Probe is the sheet, the model is the column, and the terms are the rows. Display as heatmap
    • Also, look at ways of doing this:


  • Keep working on slide deck – done!
  • Added a bunch of generators to the data directory
  • Ping Rukan around 10:00 to start figuring out how to assemble the Transformer. I want to try assembling a one-to-many and a many-to-one set of densely connected layers of arbitrary dimensionality. Started building a stripped-down MLP