Phil 2.10.21

Helping out another older PhD student with Sage Advice. Hopefully it’s helpful!


  • More sentences and paragraphs

GPT Agents

  • Download and ingest latest data (and keep track of row ids!)
  • Get TF, HF, Ecco, and drivers working right


  • 3:00 Meeting
  • Start adding rw efficiency and other options to the script. I should be able to make dictionary entries directly and set them
  • Add rw efficiency multiplier to AngleController. May have to add a method to see if an entry exists?


  • 10:00 Meeting


  • 5:00 Meeting
  • Put a list of journals for publications in 2021
  • Journal paper is submitted to Elsevier Journal of Cultural Heritage
  • Conference paper is submitted to ACM Computer Human Interaction
  • Maori SW dev article