Phil 2.8.21

Winter has arrived

The desire for dominance displays from The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy

  • As for the party’s base, what policy issues are MAGA rally-goers wound up about? Not the deficit or taxes, and not the ACA. In the past, those issues gave expression to their underlying grievances, but no longer. After the election, one GOP polling firm asked Republicans about their biggest concerns for a post-Trump Republican Party. Forty-four percent wanted a party that would “fight like Donald Trump,” while only 19 percent worried that a post-Trump GOP would “abandon Donald Trump’s policies.”


  • Work on short descriptions

GPT Agents

  • More Ecco. Set up meeting for tomorrow morning? Yes! 10:00


  • 11:00 Meeting with Vadim. Rescheduled for tomorrow
  • Verified that the rotations are working right in the testbed:
  • Aiming a projectile at a moving target
    • Without gravity, bullets travel in a straight line at constant velocity. To determine where to shoot, imagine shooting an infinite number of bullets simultaneously in all directions, forming an expanding sphere of death. While the sphere is expanding, the target is moving along a straight line (or standing still). If we can determine the instant at which this expanding sphere touches the moving target, we know where to aim: at the target’s position when it gets hit by the expanding sphere of death.
    • Hooray!
# based on this blog post:
def calc_intersect_time(p:np.array, v:np.array, s:float) -> float:
a = s * s - np.sum(np.square(v))
bv = p * v
b = np.sum(bv)
cv = np.square(p)
c = np.sum(cv)

disc = b*b + a*c

t = 0
if disc >= 0:
t = (b + np.sqrt(disc)) / a
return max(0, t)

return t