Phil 1.28.21

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Checked by reality, some QAnon supporters seek a way out

  • More than a week after Donald Trump departed the White House, shattering their hopes that he would expose the worldwide cabal, some QAnon adherents have concocted ever more elaborate stories to keep their faith alive. But others like Smith are turning to therapy and online support groups to talk about the damage done when beliefs collide with reality.

How to Signal Trust in a Google Search

  • This study examined the problem of news distrust in a new way. We tested whether trust or distrust in a news outlet can be cued at the “domain level” — alongside search information about the news outlet — rather than beside or within a specific story. To do this, we used information about the news outlet — signals — that could be shown in a sidebar called a Knowledge Panel7 when people do a Google search for that news outlet. We conducted one experiment in the U.S. and Germany, and another in the U.S., Germany, and Brazil. We used multiple countries in order to determine how trust signals work across different cultures with varying levels of news trust.8 The Google News Initiative funded this research.

Impeachment and Deplatforming Aren’t Enough to Move Forward

  • In our forthcoming book, You Are Here, Ryan Milner and I explain the limitations of focusing on obvious sources of harm within the information ecosystem. To do this, we use biomass pyramids—diagrams that visually represent the cumulative weight and population size of various organisms within the same ecosystem. Apex predators—the lions, tigers, and bears—are at the very top of the pyramid. There are fewer of them, and as a result their cumulative weight is often relatively low, but they pose outsized threats to the rest of the ecosystem. At the same time, they are utterly dependent on all the lower strata. Take away their prey, take away their prey’s prey, take away the ecological conditions that sustain the biomass, and the lions and tigers and bears don’t have a chance.


  • More conclusions. I am not going in the direction that I thought when I started writing.


  • Verifying that everything still works after checking out Vadim’s changes. Nope, things are very wrong.
  • I think I fixed the physics step by making it the calculated time, but the ReactionWheelController needs to be updated to take the scaled_dclock values
  • Update TopController – not yet, I guess
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  • Ok, back to figuring out intersections while I wait for Vadim