Phil 1.22.21



  • Continuing with Diversity injection – done!
  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle


  • Found another post on solving ballistics, with worked examples:
  • Going to try this with numpy.roots, which work exactly the way you would want them to do.
  • One shortcut did occur to me. I just need to determine when velocity is zero and use 2t to figure out what the range will be. I can then use that knowledge to place the source.
  • A little too cooked to work through the example


  • Priyank’s task

GPT agents

  • Install Ecco and try the intro (here in the video, also ranked choices, and token probability) locally, then message him to see if he’d like to discuss maps
  • Need to put together the embedding files. It’s working! I need to clean the text and play with queries – done!
  • 3:30 Meeting – nope, it was yesterday

ML Group

  • Add Ecco to presentation list – done