Phil 12.30.20

Last work day of the year.

Still looking at COVID deaths. Here’s what’s going on in a sample of countries as of today

And here are the worst performing states over the duration of the epidemic. Georgia continues to be a mess. Those states at the bottom are coming up fast…


  • Working on importing and transcribing the debate. Since the original won’t upload, I pulled the video into Adobe Premiere and cut off the head and tail, then exported as an AVI. We’ll see how that works. Nope – it’s ENOURMOUS! Trying other formats and getting progressively more annoyed. Aaaaand never got it to work. At least not today.
  • I did start editing the whole video down to just the displays

GPT Agents

  • Need to start coding, Going to talk to Stacey about that before I start.
  • Got some good advice and started.
  • As I’m coding, it looks like I’m making a nice set of tags for a training set. I wonder how small a set could be used to train something like BERT. Here’s an article:
  • interpreting GPT: the logit lens
    • Other work on interpreting transformer internals has focused mostly on what the attention is looking at. The logit lens focuses on what GPT “believes” after each step of processing, rather than how it updates that belief inside the step.


  • Sent a note to Biruh asking how the servers will handle interactive video. He said that I could keep the server at home. So he just hates workstations? Anyway, lots of back and forth. Not sure where it’s going.