Phil 11.23.20

Call Jim Donnie’s! Sheesh – they are booked until January. Going to bring it by for someone to look at

Got the reviews back from AAMAS. Not as bad as SASO, but not great. I think I’ll write a rebuttal because why not? And it’s only 800 words

Call for Papers for Special Issue: Artificial Speakers – Philosophical Questions and Implications

  • With the increasing ubiquity of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, interacting with “conversational artificial agents” such as speaking robots, chatbots, and personal assistants will be an everyday occurrence for most people. In a rather innocuous sense, we can perform a variety of speech acts with them, from asking a question to telling a joke, as they respond to our input just as any other agent would.


  • Write some of the “Attention + Dominance” paper/chapter outline for Antonio. It’s important to mention that these are monolithic models. It could be a nice place for the Sanhedren 17a discussion too.


  • Rework to use least-squares. It’s looking pretty good!
  • Folding into sim.
  • It’s still not right, dammit! I’m beginning to wonder if the rwheels are correct? Wheels 1 and 4 are behaving oddly, and maybe 3. It’s like they may be spinning the wrong way?
  • Nope, it looks like it is the way the reaction wheel contributions are being calculated?
  • I think this is enlightening. There seems to be some kind of interplay between the computed rotation and the approximation based on the rwheels: