Phil 11.6.20

Took off yesterday and had a great time enjoying the weather and riding up to Gettysburg. And not thinking too much

Via Washington Post (Captured 11.6.2020 0600 EST

There is also this

And later, this


  • 10:00 Meeting with Vadim. If there is no progress, I’m going to build a display that plays back the recorded data so we can see what’s going on. He can’t make it, so postponed to Monday. I’ll start on the app after my other paperwork


  • More paperwork

GPT-2 agents

  • Respond to JF’s email and set up a meeting – done
  • Hopefully finish the current training run.
  • Adjust the code so that a query for the count of each month is made, and the results are normalized over each month. That means a query that gets the count and min/max row_ids
  • Work on NMF and LDA topics for MER tweets. Do topics for the whole dataset (just the tweets), then select the ones that seem to make sense, and use them on the model-generated text. Create wordclouds from the topic labels
    • Got the NMF and LDA code into separate files. Need to change the get_content() method to pull directly from the db


  • Meeting with micelle