Phil 10.26.20

I did a thing on Reddit


  • Time for a E-QiP of paperwork – Can’t log in. Yay! Fixed. Updating, rather than starting from scratch, which is nice
  • Looking at rotation code. Vadim didn’t update. Now he has
  • 2:00 Meeting with Vadim.
    • I think we don’t need to determine the sign of the roatation, since there is a single axis of rotation. Going to see if that helps.

GPT-2 Agents


  • Move all the chimp stuff into it’s own section. Start to bring in other animal behavior?
  • Work on Moby-Dick. Found a nice summary here:


  • 3:00 Meeting to go over results and figure out what to do next
    • Went over a lot. I also tried a tweet as the prompt, and it generated very specific, diverging results. I think this is a good mechanism. It could even be that we search through the original corpora to find tweets that reflect what we are interested in, and use those as probes. Uploaded a lot to the shared folder
    • Next meeting is on Nov 3rd (cue ominous music) to discuss next steps