Phil 10.19.20

GPT-2 Agents

  • Updating text to include
date, label, author, followers, following, influence_score, country, city, category, gender, post_type, translation
  • I think it’s better. A sample now reads
In December of 2019, @sparrow_e2 (7 followers, 250 following) posted a retweet, mentioning @b0_r9. It was sent from Saudi Arabia. @sparrow_e2 wrote: "RT @b0_r9 watch. ♪ Squirrels drowned in #Jeddah ♪ ♪ Now here shows the role ♪ ♪ Study suspension and drainage ♪". The retweet was categorized as "Neutral".
  • Started training on the new dataset. Done! Here are some results:
  • “In December of 2019”
____MZN wrote "The United Arab Emirates today officially announces that the first case of the new Koruna virus has been confirmed, and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection confirms that the health status of the infected is stable and under medical observation.."
  • “In February of 2020”
ixoG5 wrote "RT @EremNews, a Yemeni student, crying out for not being evacuated and her colleagues from Wuhan, China. She addresses Yemeni officials: If you are unable to protect 180 students, how will you protect a country? #Term_News # Yemen # COVID19 #Coronaviruschina"
  • “In March of 2020”
____2____2___2 wrote "If God wills, the Corona virus will remain invisible, because there is no way to detect it with the naked eye. God knows that because the veil of the Muslim nation remains the law of the polytheists, that even the hurricanes that hit the earth are not seen by God's wrath.."
  • “Is corona the will of Allah? “
In February of 2020, @Bader_Zayed wrote "RT @makkahnp Corona virus in China... the death toll rose to 80 and more than 11 thousand infections # Makkah Newspaper" In February of 2020, @Hn6YmR9cV4H1fv6 wrote "RT @jafarAbdeel A "Chinese Muslim" woman talks about how Muslims in China deal with # Corona disease"


  • 2:00 Meeting with Vadim – nope
  • GFC Environmental training