Phil 10.7.20

Back from a short, fun vacation

I REALLY need to update the online resume. Friday.


  • Creating an Rwheel class that has all the main components that SimpleRwheels uses and then make it work for any number and orientation of wheels.
  • Done, and it works really well! Here’s a pretty extreme maneuver (0-360 degrees for pitch, roll, and yaw):
  • There is one more thing to figure out. At smaller steps, we get this odd artifact:
  • Since it lines up perfectly with the normal calculations, it has to be related to that?
  • Going to verify that it’s not in the reference frame first. Nope, they look good:
  • 1:30 Meeting with Vadim
  • 2:00 Status Meeting
  • Back to math. Keeping the same normal is smoother, but causes it’s own problems:
  • I think tomorrow I’ll try combining the best two in some way


  • Added a paragraph to the money section on how looser governance can occur based on Jane Goodall’s work discussed here