Phil 10.2.2020

Not the most unexpected plot twist for 2020, but I think the writers are running out of things to do before Act 5:

Ok, maybe I need to give them more credit:


  • Good discussion last night. Trying to get Tony to grock that JR runs on two levels, the individual discussion room and the aggregate results of many juries deliberating on the same topic
  • Had a thought this morning about recording user interactions such as slider behavior and keystroke dynamics. Talked to Darcy a bit about that this morning


  • Create an Rwheel class that has all the main components that SimpleRwheels uses and then make it work for any number and orientation of wheels.


  • Start money section. I used the Speech-to-text tool in Google Docs. I think that may have worked very well. I did a paragraph at a time, edited a bit, then did the next.
  • 2:00 meeting with Michelle