Phil 9.18.20

Get deposit!

Opened a ticket for VPN access issues


  • Scanned notes
  • Playing interview into Google Docs, where it is doing a reasonable job of transcription!
  • Meeting with Michelle. Went over the text a bit and decided to skip next week

GPT-2 Agents

  • Progress as of this morning:


  • Continue on incremental rotations. Here’s the reference and vehicle both using absolute angles
  • Now, here’s the reference using incremental and the vehicle using absolute
  • This is why we need to calculate the plane of rotation each time of we’re using incremental rotations.
  • Thinking about this some more. I can check to see which vector sweeps out the largest arc and use the cross product for the vector to rotate all the objects in the frame.
  • 10:00 meeting with Vadim. There’s an issue where the calculated angles loop from +180 to -180. Here’s the code I use to catch that. It’s dumb, but I can’t find better:
def closest_angle(a1, a2) -> float:
diff = a1 - a2
if diff < 0:
while abs(diff) < 180:
diff += 360
return diff
while abs(diff) > 180:
diff -= 360
print("{} + {} = {}".format(a1, a2, diff))
return diff