Phil 9.15.20


  • Translate CSV file and insert into db
  • My desktop box is so slammed that it can’t do anything else, moving this over to the laptop
  • Moved project to svn because github won’t let you store large files like models and databases
  • Getting the dev environment set up. Lost pip somehow – reinstalled
  • Got the model localized. Here’s the code to do it (from here):
from transformers.file_utils import hf_bucket_url, cached_path

src = 'ar'  # source language
trg = 'en'  # target language
pretrained_model_name = f'Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-{src}-{trg}'
archive_file = hf_bucket_url(
resolved_archive_file = cached_path(archive_file)

  • Added a “label” column, and inserted the labels and translations
  • Need to back up the db
  • Sent the csv with translations out to the group

GPT-2 Agents

  • Postponed meeting
  • At over 700k ingested Tweets


  • 2:00 Meeting with Vadim


  • Set up interview – done! Set up for 2:00 this Thursday