Phil 9.4.20

Back from a short, soggy vacation


Misinformation more likely to use non-specific authority references: Twitter analysis of two COVID-19 myths

  • This research examines the content, timing, and spread of COVID-19 misinformation and subsequent debunking efforts for two COVID-19 myths. COVID-19 misinformation tweets included more non-specific authority references (e.g., “Taiwanese experts”, “a doctor friend”), while debunking tweets included more specific and verifiable authority references (e.g., the CDC, the World Health Organization, Snopes). Findings illustrate a delayed debunking response to COVID-19 misinformation, as it took seven days for debunking tweets to match the quantity of misinformation tweets. The use of non-specific authority references in tweets was associated with decreased tweet engagement, suggesting the importance of citing specific sources when refuting health misinformation.


  • Updated MikTex, which broke my epstopdf. Uninstalled and reinstalled everything. We’ll see how that works
    • basic-miktex-20.6.29-x64
    • texstudio-3.0.1-win-qt5
    • Hooray! Success!
  • Finished the first pass of “The spacecraft of Babel”. Not sure how much sense it makes?
  • Went over interviewing stuff with Michelle


  • Pinged Vadim – nothing
  • Security training